Parodie op uitzending Peter R. de Vries

Aan het eind van DWDD vanavond een hilarische parodie van Lucky TV op de uitzending van Peter Air de Vries gisteren met Joran van der Sloot en zijn bekentenissen inzake de zaak Natalie Holloway. Voor wie het gemist heeft, zie onder. Het gelach is van de studiogasten.


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  1. Tamara on

  2. Michel on

    Thanks Tamara. Jammer van de 0.1 megapixel kwaliteit.

  3. Gentlemen on

    haha leuk gedaan. Meer van deze stuff graag! 😉

  4. benni on

    HOLLOWAY CONFESSION STORY! IMPORTANT!I would like to offer some information ahead of the holloway interview with the Dutch crime journalist.Please be aware that all may not be what it seems.

    Joran tried to create some kind of bond with a dealer in soft drugs. And the best way to create a ‘criminal’ bond is to share incriminating evidence. That way neither party can ever betray the other.Joran made up his incriminating evidence in the most obvious way possible. He did not want to lose contact with the guy that impressed him and provided him with money, softdrugs and possibly prostitutes.

    Please keep this in the back your minds however improbable it may sound. Joran is the last person that saw the girl. All other problems follow from his tendency to fabricate stories.

    If you wanted to get a false confession from a gullible boy, you could not have done it any better than this journalist did. Make him dependent, drug him, make it seem unimportant and without consequences and hide the camera (illegally)!I hope you guys can keep an open mind about this, if this was an easy case it wouldn’t have dragged on for so long.


  5. […] of check hier: Ongezouten […]

  6. Wouter Glaser on


  7. Barbapappa on

    V E R S C H R I K K E L I J K G O E D!

  8. Robbie Veldwijk on

    Hahahaha wat lachen!!!

  9. neve on

    Lache man!

  10. BR on

    Niet grappig, die andere was beter

  11. Richard on


  12. […] deze onthulling komt (who else) Peter “Air” de Vries die Joran (je weet wel, die van Natalee) in Thailand in de “val” liet lopen. Shocking zeg. Not. We willen niks goedpraten, maar […]

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